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Are you an enthusiastic and motivated person, love working with people, goal and result orientated? If so apply now

If you want change lives through quality one on one or small groups Personal Training ,then Your Place My Gym Mobile Personal Training is for you.

Applicants must have:

  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness,
  • CPR and First Aid Accredited.
  • As a Mobile Personal Trainer you are also required to have your own vehicle.
  • Availability especially on early mornings and late afternoons.

If you are interested please contact Cecilia D’Amico at Your Place My Gym Mobile Personal Training by emailing your CV with cover letter: [email protected]

Cecilia D’Amico

Principal Personal Trainer


Mobile Personal Trainers

Perth – Australia

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How To Hire The Right Mobile Personal Trainer

If you are thinking about investing money, time and trust on a mobile personal trainer, you need to make the right choice.

You can find personal trainers everywhere. The most usual and convenient way of finding a one is at your local gym. In case you prefer to work out in your home or at the park, a simple internet search can give you thousand of results.

If you are thinking about investing money, time and trust on a mobile personal trainer, you need to make the right choice. Once you have selected a candidate, you can use the following five tips to be sure that you are making the right decision.

1 – Be Sure Of Their Certifications

One of the most significant aspects of finding the right mobile personal trainer is to know their qualification. The are some people out there that call themselves “trainers” when they have little or no expertise. Good personal trainers have certifications from reputable institutes or fitness degrees that support their knowledge.

2 – Get To Know What Motivates You

Choose the personal trainer who will cater your needs and learning preferences. Some people prefer to be pushed to their limits by a military serjeant training type; others work better with a coach that use a positive reinforcement and gentle encouragement. Your trainer should have your motivational style. Knowing that you will be spending a substantial amount of hour working with that person, so you have to think about your comfort. Don’t hesitate in asking about the coaching style and motivations techniques.

3 – Ask For Work Evidence

Another important point is to know the results achieved by previous customers. Ask for success stories, pictures or testimonials. It does not matter if you are aiming for losing fat, adding muscle or just training for a particular event, you want to see if the mobile personal trainer has success in your area of interest. The trainer that you are considering to hire should be able of providing this evidences.

4 – Define Special Conditions

If you have special needs, it is crucial to tell to the personal trainers that you are considering and hire someone with experience in working with people with similar conditions. It is scientifically proven that exercise can help to relieve symptoms of many medical conditions, but a bad training choice can contribute to intensifying an existing problem. Be sure of mentioning every medical condition to your mobile personal trainer.

5 – Be Confident Of Your Choice

Remember that you are putting your health in other person hands. So it is ok to take your time to shop around until your find the perfect fit for your needs. If you want to find the perfect personal trainer to help you to start your new life, so have the right to be picky. Making the correct choice can be the difference between achieving your goals or another failed resolution.

If you have any questions just CONTACT US.

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Breakfast, Make up and Fun

Great morning in East Perth with some of our awesome clients

On October 22nd we organiced a breakfast, make up and photoshoot session for our clients. It was a great way to have fun and to know each other out of the training session. Definitely we are going to do this again!!

Below some of the pictures:

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7 Benefits Of Lifting Weights

Lifting weights have more benefits than just building muscle

Many women and men still resist weightlifting to improve their fitness, but weightlifting has many benefits to consider. Here are the top seven reasons to start lifting weights.

Weight Lifting Help To Lose Fat

One of the most common mistakes when people start with an exercise or nutrition program to lose weight, is not to combine weightlifting training with their cardiovascular training and low-fat diet. This is not an optimal situation; this can drive muscle loss at the same time as losing fat. When the body starts losing muscle, it becomes a lot more ineffective losing fat. On the other hand, when you gain muscle, you’re training your body to burn fat more efficiently.

You Feel Strong And Fit

It’s amazing that feeling you get when you look at  the mirror during your training and you start noticing your biceps, back muscles, shoulders and the flexibility in your legs. If you are not sure of your technique, hire a personal trainer to help you (Top 7 Reasons To Hire A Mobile Personal Trainer). Lifting weights can strengthen your confidence. It’s a pleasing feeling when you feel strong, especially after a great training session. You start looking in the mirror and liking your gains.

You Have More Energy

Even if you are just starting with a few basic weightlifting exercise, you will notice very quickly that you are feeling fantastic. Instead of thinking and coming up with an excuse to skip your next exercise, you will be making excuses to do one more set. On top of this, with the excess fat you will lose, there will be less to carry, therefore, less fatigue.

You’ll Finally See The Results

What makes the difference is knowing what to do. A lot of people go to the gym months or years and wonder why they are not getting any results. It’s because they keep doing the same workout every time. You have two choices at this point. The first one is the easy one, and it’s quitting, or you can challenge yourself and get some help. This is the key to knowing if your workout programme is working or not, ask yourself, am I starting to see definition and feeling firmness in muscles I never thought I had?

Improve Your Everyday Tasks

Weightlifting helps you so much with your daily activities like housework, yard work, carrying bags of groceries, moving furniture and other activities. If you are experiencing a medical condition like arthritis or multiple sclerosis, weight lifting can be perfect for you. You can be confident that training with weights will keep you strong.

Stronger Back

Carrying a 12 kg toddler and a few grocery bags or just being seated 8 or more hours per day can compromise your posture. A weightlifting programme improves the strength of your lower and upper body, hence this reduces the stress on your back when you have to lift a heavy weight or when you spend most of your day seated.

Build Stronger Bones

Did you know that bones react the same way than muscles to weightlifting training? Lifting weights can be the best defence against osteoporosis as this type of training makes stronger and denser bones.

Weightlifting is a great way of training and it will help you to be a more active person, have more mobility, lose fat and even reduce back pain. Your age doesn’t matter, you can experiment the enormous benefits of a weight lifting training at any age.

Start Today!

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The Advantages of Exercising

Exercising isn´t just about looking good.

There are many people who are planning on going on a diet in order to get the body that they have always dreamed of. If you are one of them, you should know that you cannot expect significant results in case you don’t have a good exercise routine. Exercise comes with many advantages to our body and mind. Following a simple workout routine can definitely confirm these claims. If you are still not convinced whether you should start exercising or not, keep reading because we are about to present the advantages of this activity.

How does exercising help?

First of all, exercising is great for the cardiovascular system and the heart. With regular exercising and a good routine, you will be able to strengthen the heart muscles. Exercise makes the heart beat faster and provides more oxygen to it which eventually leads to an increased red blood cell production.

Furthermore, exercise brings many positive effects to the respiratory system too. Namely, when you exercise you have to breathe deeper and your respiratory system takes and distributes more oxygen all over the body.

When it comes to the digestive system, this activity can help the process of removing waste by accelerating the metabolic processes that support this process. Obviously, when you are involved in exercising, you can expect to get well-defined and toned muscles as well as stronger muscles. This doesn’t mean that you will get too bulky muscles though because it all depends on the exercise routine you follow. In addition, exercise is good for the skin and it can increase life expectancy.  Remember that these are just some of the advantages of exercising. (Read: 7 Benefits of lifting weights)

The importance of hiring a professional and experienced personal trainer

In order to witness all the benefits we have mentioned above, you should definitely use the help of a professional and experienced personal trainer. A personal trainer can assess your abilities and define your fitness goals. In other words, they can customize the workout program according to your needs and abilities. In this way, you can expect the best results in a short period of time.

It’s also good to know that a personal trainer that has experience and knowledge will make sure that you are doing all the exercises in the right away. It is crucial to perform the exercises properly because otherwise, you risk injuries and poor results. Another great thing about hiring a personal trainer is that you will get the motivation you need. The majority of people who are joining gyms tend to give up after a few weeks of exercising. Most of them say that lack of motivation is the main reason for that. But, when you use a personal trainer you can expect motivation and inspiration. They will talk to you about the exercises and support you.(Read: How to hire the right mobile personal trainer)

Why are mobile personal trainers the best option you have?

Mobile personal trainers can come to your place or anywhere you want. So, this type of personal trainers brings convenience. You no longer have to go to smelly and crowded gyms and you don’t have to travel in order to exercise. They also give you a chance to enjoy a high level of privacy because you will exercise alone with them.

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Top 7 Reasons to Hire a Mobile Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is a helpful resource to meet your fitness goals.

Having a personal trainer can be one of the best decisions you can make to reach your health goals. Finding a good and experienced trainer that fits your personality and can design a personalised training program to meet your needs is very important. These are some reasons why you should look for one.

Technique Instruction and Education.

One of the most important services a personal trainer can offer is the knowledge and ability to teach you the correct form and function of each exercise. This is especially important for complex moves such as squats and deadlifts, as using the wrong technique can harm your body. Knowing how to properly perform these moves can prevent injuries and improve results exponentially. A good personal trainer will offer some guidelines on how to use and set up machines so you can get the best results from your workout.

Periodization and Program Design

A good personal trainer has knowledge on periodization and program design. This is important to see progress, not only in performance but proper progress in terms of exercise selection. Without proper progression and program design, results will be slow or non-existent and the potential for injury is greatly increased. Program design is much more than a program from your favourite fitness website. It takes education, thought, proper assessment of a client, experience, and a slew of other variables.

Nutritional Advice

Most personal trainers are not nutritionists and cannot legally give you a list of food or a meal plan to eat. However, educated trainers with experience understand macronutrients and the relationship between food, training and getting results. An excellent trainer can help you with what food to choose for your correct alimentation, as well as how to figure out your personal nutritional needs (calories, protein/carbohydrate/fat) and help you to understand the nutrition timing. This can have a huge impact in reaching your goals.


We know that sometimes it is difficult to keep motivated, and  is even harder to be motivated consistently over months or years. A good personal trainer will help you to stay motivated. This should be high on your priority list when choosing a trainer, as this capability will increase your motivation and improve results.


The main excuse to not exercise is the claim of lack of time. When you hire the services of a trainer, you are accountable not only to yourself but also to that person. Meeting with a trainer locks you in a training schedule and makes it more difficult to skip that appointment.

Accountability can help force you into managing your time better and “creating” an opening so you don’t miss your scheduled workout. Even the most motivated and committed people have days they want to skip the gym, so having an appointment withyour personal trainer will not only force you to show up but also help switch your mindset to continue down the path to your health and fitness goals.

Goal Setting

Many people don’t know how to set up proper goals. Personal trainers are educated to set specific, measurable and realistic goals. A good trainer can help you to customise your personal goals and align them with your lifestyle, something that most people find difficult to do.

A lot of people go to the gym without a plan. They sleepwalk from one exercise to another one with no specific goals, wondering why they haven’t lost weight or gained muscle in all that time. When you have set clear goals, the chances of you reaching them improves dramatically. Having a personal trainer forces you to not only set specific, measurable goals but keeps you accountable and motivated to reach those goals.

You Don’t know your own body

From the newbie to the veteran, most people do not have a clue of their bodies needs, whether it is strength training, cardio or nutrition. Good personal trainers have experience with all body types, if they don’t know immediately what works for you, they will find out shortly what changes are necessary to push you forward in reaching your goal.

This is probably the most crucial reason to find a good and experienced trainer because having the knowledge and in trenches experience to know how and when to make alterations, is the fastest way to reach your goals!

Ready to start with your change? 

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The Benefits Of Lifting Weights After Age Forty

There are a lot of benefits with lifting weight after the age of 40 and under the supervision of a personal trainer, results are guaranteed.

The benefits of lifting weights after the age of 40 are physically and scientifically proven. There are a number of steps to follow to achieve the optimum result:

  • A varied routine with different artefacts provides a good maintenance of the muscles of our body.
  • A balanced diet provides the necessary nutrients to achieve our goals.

The supervision of a personal trainer can guarantee a correct training without risks and make easier the journey to achieve your results.

After the age of 40, it is common to begin to notice and feel the hormonal changes in the body, both men and women. In the case of men, the decrease of testosterone causes physical and mental changes.  Similarly, women with menopause face major alterations that sometimes complicate the day to day. Physical activity helps combat these hormonal changes that are unavoidable.

Lifting weights at 40 or later is not counterproductive, but we must be careful not to injure joints by starting abruptly. If we do not have a previous base, we should start slowly, increase strength and train patiently to get progressively into the routine of bodybuilding, always under the supervision or advice of a professional, like a personal trainer, to not put our health at risk.

Although most of the muscle loss comes when we are significantly older, lifting weight after 40 can prevent this. Lifting weights not only increases lean muscle mass, but it also increases the mineral density in the bones.

Resistance training will increase the rate at which you burn fat. A weight lifting session can allow you to continue burning calories for up to 48 hours after you have finished training. Resistance training with weights and shorter rest periods can also stimulate the production of growth hormone that naturally decreases with age.

Although the changes will not be so fast, these will come if we properly complement training, food and rest. On the other hand, lower hormone levels may delay the process, but the exercise itself and the diet to achieve hypertrophy will ensure that this lower rate is barely perceived.

With patience, good training and correct complementation with a balanced diet and rest, muscle development is possible without problems after 40. It is possible to remain functional, healthy and even we can reverse the effects of ageing on metabolism And body composition.

Being in your forties does not mean that it is not possible to develop muscle, it is an opportune time to get health benefits.

If you are interested in starting your journey to get great results, just get in touch with us and start today!

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8 Tips To Keep You Motivated

8 tips that will help you keep the motivation you need so you do not fall into a sedentary lifestyle and get your body to enjoy it, instead of giving up.

Motivation is an essential point to fight sedentarism, since, like any activity, if we exercise without purpose and we find it unpleasant, then surely we will give it up.

Finding that motivation is what allows us to continue and find enjoyment in what we are doing. If we get motivated to exercise daily, the activity will gratify us, gives us pleasure and the desire to continue doing it.

Most of the people who drop out of training because are bored or do not find the necessary incentive, so here are 8 tips that will help you keep the motivation you need so you do not fall into a sedentary lifestyle and get your body to enjoy it, instead of giving up.

1 – Know The Why

What is the reason to start exercising? We all have one, and they are different. Doing an analysis of yourself is essential, and it will induce us to the reason that we are looking for in case of not being very sure.

Evaluate your habits, your body and its functioning, and see if you feel in need to improve your physical fitness and modify certain habits, such as physical inactivity. That is the first step not to quit the training.

2 – Establish Real Goals

One example is the many people who spend long hours in the gym with the goal of losing 3 kilos of body weight in a day. Do not be unrealistic, that is not possible! When we are not seeing the results and achieve our goals, we become disillusioned and want to move away from physical activity. However, with patience and constancy in training, you can make significant positive changes, not only in your body but also in your habits and your mind set.

3 – Knowing And Training

Knowing that are the varied and multiple benefits of physical activity for health is a great motivator do it and not to waste their advantages.

4 – No To Overtraining

To train more than our body resists is a powerful demotivator since the only thing that will achieve is that the body give up before time, feeling tiredness and fatigue that will not want to experience again. Therefore, our exercise routine should be according to our fitness and need. Do not forget to consult with a professional trainer.

5 – Have Fun In Training

Find enjoyment in what you are doing. Choose the activity that gives you the most pleasure and the rhythm that motivates you to continue doing it. Each activity produces a different effect according to individual preferences, so you just have to try and then choose one.

6 – Socialize In Your Exercise

Many likes to perform physical activity with a partner and the reality is that exercising with other people is a great resource to fight boredom and also, do not lose the possibility of creating new friendships.

7- Apply Variety

It is not necessary to always carry out the same activity as the routine often tires us and ends up annoying us. It is advisable to choose your favourite activity, but alternate it with other classes in the gym, some sport or different activities. Thus, you will not only work differently, and you will get different results, but the innovation will keep you motivated.

8 – Visualize Your Goal Achieved

Experimenting in advance the emotions and feelings of the moment we achieve the proposed goal, will be a great motivator to contribute to accomplishing them. The goals may vary from person to person, but all are just as important to continue training without falling into a sedentary lifestyle and harming our health. Be confident that you already have what you need to achieve your goals.

Keep in mind that effort is a result in itself. Constancy is the part of that endeavour and therefore, already has much merit. Do not be hard on yourself and give yourself rewards, as a healthy but delicious dessert and do not deprive yourself of eating what you like but with prudence and responsibility.

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Benefits Of Outdoor Training

As the summer is coming and the days are getting warmer, the last thing you want to do is to be inside a gym.

As the summer is coming and the days are getting warmer, the last thing you want to do is to lock you up inside four walls to train. Outdoor training has several benefits that you can take advantages of.

To begin with, when you go running on the road or the park, you do it differently than on the treadmill. Outdoors you have to overcome wind resistance, dodge obstacles, take strides to cross puddles, go downhill or go uphill. It is all these little things together, which determine that exercise out is much more intense and needs more energy than when exercising in a gym.Something similar happens with the bicycle, where the friction of the wind is also a determining factor in the effort that must be made to travel the same distance.

The conclusion is straightforward: if you have limited time and you must want to burn most calories in the shortest time possible, besides signing up to a gym, you can go jogging in the park or take routines coordinated with a specialist to guide and advise you.

There are other advantages of training outdoor beside of burning more calories, some of them are more related to emotional benefits than physicals. People enjoy more the contact with nature as making them feel more vital, enthusiastic and pleasant. Outdoor exercising helps to decrease the level of stress, tension, depression and up to fatigue. Thanks to all these benefits, you will be more likely to stick to a routine and do it more often.

People who train outdoor are more liable to be more active than people that do it indoors. There are severals studies showing people who do outdoor exercise get 30 minutes more of weekly exercise than people who don’t.

Apart from the usual benefits of training, the exposure to the sun also generates vitamin D. This vitamin helps to strengthen your bones and immune system, as well as to improve your mood. Remember that when you exercise outdoors, everything is always being renewed. The landscape, the weather, the faces of other athletes, other living things; Stimulating and exciting your brain at every step.

There are several proven benefits of an outdoor training. So the next time you see a gorgeous day outside, take your workout outside instead of spending your time in the gym. If you have any question or need some assessment, just contact us by clicking HERE.

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What Are The Benefits Of Combining Exercise With A Balanced Diet?

Whether it is losing weight, maintaining it or improving our fitness, a combination of diet and exercise is the best way of doing it.

Whether it is losing weight, maintaining it or improving our fitness, a combination of diet and exercise is the best way of doing it. If we want to lose some kilos without starving and losing muscle mass or bone density, the solution is to forget about restrictive diets and sedentary lifestyle.

To burn more calories, we need to increase the energy demands of our body, and this is achievable with exercise. However, it is not easy to lose weight by simply doing exercise, as to get this, we should increase our level of activity disproportionately, and in addition to being healthy, is not easy to achieve.

While in the short term our body adapts to the frequent and consistent physical activity, in the long term we improve our physical condition in general, in addition to improving:

• Cardiovascular health (blood flow, blood pressure and delivery of oxygen to our organs)

• Respiratory function

• Hormonal function

• The immune response

• Health of muscles and bones

• Metabolism (how we use food to convert it into energy)

Our body changes as our physical condition improve; for example, our body’s ability to take an amount of oxygen and distribute it to the active muscles (called respiratory resistance) also improves. It’s possible to obtain a more muscle volume and bone strength, besides flexibility. Our body weight also changes and all these adjustments help to a better performance depending on the physical activity that we are doing.

A correct and balanced diet, allows our body to adapt to these changes and recover faster and achieve maximum performance. If you are practising a particular exercise or sport, a health professional as a doctor, nutritionist or a personal trainer with knowledge in nutrition can help you develop a personalised meal plan to help you meet the needs of the activity or sport that you practice.

Our body needs carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and liquid as fuel for exercise. Even when the practice of physical activity is not of high performance, a balanced diet can help to delay fatigue and to improve your performance and recover faster. Without adequate calories, nutrients and fluids, your efforts to improve may be inefficient. Correct and balanced feeding can:

• Help you train longer and at greater intensity

• Delay the onset of fatigue

• Promote recovery

• Help your body adapt to exercise

• Improve body composition and strength

• Improve concentration

• Help maintain a healthy immune function

• Reduce the risk of injury

• Minimise the possibility of stomach cramps and pain

So now you know! Get the best health benefits, either you are a professional athlete, or a person who is just starting to exercise, the foods you eat matter. Do not forget to consult with a professional.

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