8 tips that will help you keep the motivation you need so you do not fall into a sedentary lifestyle and get your body to enjoy it, instead of giving up.

Motivation is an essential point to fight sedentarism, since, like any activity, if we exercise without purpose and we find it unpleasant, then surely we will give it up.

Finding that motivation is what allows us to continue and find enjoyment in what we are doing. If we get motivated to exercise daily, the activity will gratify us, gives us pleasure and the desire to continue doing it.

Most of the people who drop out of training because are bored or do not find the necessary incentive, so here are 8 tips that will help you keep the motivation you need so you do not fall into a sedentary lifestyle and get your body to enjoy it, instead of giving up.

1 – Know The Why

What is the reason to start exercising? We all have one, and they are different. Doing an analysis of yourself is essential, and it will induce us to the reason that we are looking for in case of not being very sure.

Evaluate your habits, your body and its functioning, and see if you feel in need to improve your physical fitness and modify certain habits, such as physical inactivity. That is the first step not to quit the training.

2 – Establish Real Goals

One example is the many people who spend long hours in the gym with the goal of losing 3 kilos of body weight in a day. Do not be unrealistic, that is not possible! When we are not seeing the results and achieve our goals, we become disillusioned and want to move away from physical activity. However, with patience and constancy in training, you can make significant positive changes, not only in your body but also in your habits and your mind set.

3 – Knowing And Training

Knowing that are the varied and multiple benefits of physical activity for health is a great motivator do it and not to waste their advantages.

4 – No To Overtraining

To train more than our body resists is a powerful demotivator since the only thing that will achieve is that the body give up before time, feeling tiredness and fatigue that will not want to experience again. Therefore, our exercise routine should be according to our fitness and need. Do not forget to consult with a professional trainer.

5 – Have Fun In Training

Find enjoyment in what you are doing. Choose the activity that gives you the most pleasure and the rhythm that motivates you to continue doing it. Each activity produces a different effect according to individual preferences, so you just have to try and then choose one.

6 – Socialize In Your Exercise

Many likes to perform physical activity with a partner and the reality is that exercising with other people is a great resource to fight boredom and also, do not lose the possibility of creating new friendships.

7- Apply Variety

It is not necessary to always carry out the same activity as the routine often tires us and ends up annoying us. It is advisable to choose your favourite activity, but alternate it with other classes in the gym, some sport or different activities. Thus, you will not only work differently, and you will get different results, but the innovation will keep you motivated.

8 – Visualize Your Goal Achieved

Experimenting in advance the emotions and feelings of the moment we achieve the proposed goal, will be a great motivator to contribute to accomplishing them. The goals may vary from person to person, but all are just as important to continue training without falling into a sedentary lifestyle and harming our health. Be confident that you already have what you need to achieve your goals.

Keep in mind that effort is a result in itself. Constancy is the part of that endeavour and therefore, already has much merit. Do not be hard on yourself and give yourself rewards, as a healthy but delicious dessert and do not deprive yourself of eating what you like but with prudence and responsibility.