As the summer is coming and the days are getting warmer, the last thing you want to do is to be inside a gym.

As the summer is coming and the days are getting warmer, the last thing you want to do is to lock you up inside four walls to train. Outdoor training has several benefits that you can take advantages of.

To begin with, when you go running on the road or the park, you do it differently than on the treadmill. Outdoors you have to overcome wind resistance, dodge obstacles, take strides to cross puddles, go downhill or go uphill. It is all these little things together, which determine that exercise out is much more intense and needs more energy than when exercising in a gym.Something similar happens with the bicycle, where the friction of the wind is also a determining factor in the effort that must be made to travel the same distance.

The conclusion is straightforward: if you have limited time and you must want to burn most calories in the shortest time possible, besides signing up to a gym, you can go jogging in the park or take routines coordinated with a specialist to guide and advise you.

There are other advantages of training outdoor beside of burning more calories, some of them are more related to emotional benefits than physicals. People enjoy more the contact with nature as making them feel more vital, enthusiastic and pleasant. Outdoor exercising helps to decrease the level of stress, tension, depression and up to fatigue. Thanks to all these benefits, you will be more likely to stick to a routine and do it more often.

People who train outdoor are more liable to be more active than people that do it indoors. There are severals studies showing people who do outdoor exercise get 30 minutes more of weekly exercise than people who don’t.

Apart from the usual benefits of training, the exposure to the sun also generates vitamin D. This vitamin helps to strengthen your bones and immune system, as well as to improve your mood. Remember that when you exercise outdoors, everything is always being renewed. The landscape, the weather, the faces of other athletes, other living things; Stimulating and exciting your brain at every step.

There are several proven benefits of an outdoor training. So the next time you see a gorgeous day outside, take your workout outside instead of spending your time in the gym. If you have any question or need some assessment, just contact us by clicking HERE.