Lifting weights have more benefits than just building muscle

Many women and men still resist weightlifting to improve their fitness, but weightlifting has many benefits to consider. Here are the top seven reasons to start lifting weights.

Weight Lifting Help To Lose Fat

One of the most common mistakes when people start with an exercise or nutrition program to lose weight, is not to combine weightlifting training with their cardiovascular training and low-fat diet. This is not an optimal situation; this can drive muscle loss at the same time as losing fat. When the body starts losing muscle, it becomes a lot more ineffective losing fat. On the other hand, when you gain muscle, you’re training your body to burn fat more efficiently.

You Feel Strong And Fit

It’s amazing that feeling you get when you look at  the mirror during your training and you start noticing your biceps, back muscles, shoulders and the flexibility in your legs. If you are not sure of your technique, hire a personal trainer to help you (Top 7 Reasons To Hire A Mobile Personal Trainer). Lifting weights can strengthen your confidence. It’s a pleasing feeling when you feel strong, especially after a great training session. You start looking in the mirror and liking your gains.

You Have More Energy

Even if you are just starting with a few basic weightlifting exercise, you will notice very quickly that you are feeling fantastic. Instead of thinking and coming up with an excuse to skip your next exercise, you will be making excuses to do one more set. On top of this, with the excess fat you will lose, there will be less to carry, therefore, less fatigue.

You’ll Finally See The Results

What makes the difference is knowing what to do. A lot of people go to the gym months or years and wonder why they are not getting any results. It’s because they keep doing the same workout every time. You have two choices at this point. The first one is the easy one, and it’s quitting, or you can challenge yourself and get some help. This is the key to knowing if your workout programme is working or not, ask yourself, am I starting to see definition and feeling firmness in muscles I never thought I had?

Improve Your Everyday Tasks

Weightlifting helps you so much with your daily activities like housework, yard work, carrying bags of groceries, moving furniture and other activities. If you are experiencing a medical condition like arthritis or multiple sclerosis, weight lifting can be perfect for you. You can be confident that training with weights will keep you strong.

Stronger Back

Carrying a 12 kg toddler and a few grocery bags or just being seated 8 or more hours per day can compromise your posture. A weightlifting programme improves the strength of your lower and upper body, hence this reduces the stress on your back when you have to lift a heavy weight or when you spend most of your day seated.

Build Stronger Bones

Did you know that bones react the same way than muscles to weightlifting training? Lifting weights can be the best defence against osteoporosis as this type of training makes stronger and denser bones.

Weightlifting is a great way of training and it will help you to be a more active person, have more mobility, lose fat and even reduce back pain. Your age doesn’t matter, you can experiment the enormous benefits of a weight lifting training at any age.

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