Are you a Personal Trainer in Perth? Looking for your next challenge?

Your Place My Gym is always on the lookout for motivated, energetic, and passionate Personal Trainers to join our team in Perth. So, if you are a Personal Trainer looking for a job that is rewarding and fulfilling, we believe we can offer you exactly that. Here’s what you can expect as a mobile Personal Trainer with Your Place My Gym.

Kick-Start, Re-Start, or Further Your Career in Personal Training

Perth has a fantastic community of personal trainers, all at different levels of their careers. At Your Place My Gym, we enjoy working with trainers no matter how long they’ve been in the industry

New to the Fitness Industry:

Many newly qualified Personal Trainers find it tough to get their foot in the door. We are proud to employ a number of trainers who are new to the industry, and we look beyond your level of experience when we assess your suitability to work with us. Your professionalism, dedication, attitude, communication skills, and other personal attributes are what we look at first when you express an interest in working with Your Place My Gym. If you’re new to the industry, please reach out for a chat!

Re-Enter the Fitness Industry:

Many personal trainers take extended time away from the industry to pursue other interests, start a family, travel, or just have a break. While this is completely understandable, some find it tough to re-enter the industry and don’t know where to start. This is where Your Place My Gym can help. We love giving trainers an opportunity and platform to rediscover their passion for fitness and helping clients achieve their potential, no matter how long they’ve been out of the game. If you’re the right fit for us in terms of attitude, dedication, and qualifications, we’re confident that we can make something happen.

Take the Next Step:

As with any job, personal trainers can feel like they have gone as far as they can go with their current situation. A fresh start could be just what you need, and working as a mobile personal trainer with Your Place My Gym can give you exactly that. Let us give you the tools to succeed, and make it your own!

Leave the Gym Behind:

If you’ve been working as a Personal Trainer in a gym, it is totally understandable to get to a place where you feel like you’re not going anywhere. Your hours are likely dictated by the gym’s management, you’re limited in the clients you get to work with (as it’ll only be the ones who happen to come into that gym), and chances are you aren’t enjoying much flexibility. As a mobile personal trainer with Your Place My Gym, you’ll have the freedom to manage your own schedule, work with a variety of awesome clients, and take control of your own journey as a personal trainer.

Flexible Working Arrangements

A major benefit of working with Your Place My Gym is our flexible working arrangements – we understand that even busy fitness industry professionals have other things happening in their lives. You might have young kids to look after, other hobbies, interests, or jobs, even studying at university or TAFE. The flexible nature of our working arrangements means that you can work when it suits you, and we will endeavour to match you up with clients in such a way that everything fits together seamlessly. This is why we emphasise communication and organisational skills as two of the most important attributes of our trainers, as a collaborative approach means you’ll get the most out of working with us – for the benefit of not only yourself as a personal trainer, but for our clients too.


Who We’re Looking For

Now we’ve told you what we can offer, now we turn to you – our potential new trainer. To give you the best platform to succeed with us, there are a few key attributes that we look for in each of our awesome team member. From a personality side of things, a Your Place My Gym personal trainer is energetic, passionate about helping clients achieve their fitness goals, shows initiative, and has a positive, can-do attitude. We also look for trainers with a few key professional attributes, including a current PT certification, strong organisational and communication skills, punctuality, and the flexibility to adapt to the needs of a wide variety of clients. If this sounds like you – we would love to hear from you!

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