During the holiday season, we are exposed to all kinds of food. This makes it very difficult to follow your regular exercise routine and healthy eating.

The end of the year parties are moments of joy to celebrate and share with family and friends. It is a time full of parties and meetings where there will be many temptations. In this season we are exposed to all kinds of food, sweet and salty treats. This makes it very difficult to follow your regular exercise routine and healthy eating. But if you plan ahead, you may be able to survive this wonderful time full of celebrations. You just need some strategies to maintain a high level of activity and our caloric intake under control.

-Try to continue with your training routine throughout the holiday season.

-Plan your workouts ahead of time to make sure you have enough time to do good training.

– Have a healthy snack – like handful of nuts, a protein shake or a fruit – before an event that you know will be difficult to control your food intake.

– Do not overdo the diet – be sure to allow yourself a “cheat meal” to reward you for your hard work.

-Don’t be discouraged if you skip one or two workouts, just make sure you go back to the routine.

-Although you’re going to eat more during the holidays, try to keep a consistent meal schedule, so you have your metabolism up and running.

-It’s okay to eat dessert on holidays, just control the size of the portion and try not to overshoot anything.

– Limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages to a minimum. In addition to being high in calories, it stimulates the appetite and stops the oxidation of fat. Therefore, its consumption does not combine with staying in shape. In addition, it interrupts sleep and wreaks havoc on the body and mind.

-Enter with a family member or friend, that’s how they motivate each other.

-In the days when the gym is closed, try to exercise at home, even if it’s only a couple of sets.

-Choose the best options concerning food. We recommend you choose foods high in protein and low in fat.

– If there are several meals that you want to consume, take small portions. This way you can take away the craving and continue with your plan to stay in shape.

Remember to schedule your day with time. The night before, plan the activities of the next day and do not forget your exercise session. If you can not go to the gym at the usual time for any commitment, schedule to get up an hour early to go for a walk or run for 30-45 minutes. Exercise helps us reduce stress and anxiety, keep our energy high and get a good night’s sleep.