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Feeling good inside and out is our birth right. My guiding approach is that
discovering what feels nourishing and supportive for the bodies we’ve been born into is the road map to the sustainable health, fitness and wellness we long for.
Cultivating a life that embodies habits, mindsets and ways of being that have the sole purpose of helping you to feel good, is the key to the greater well-being we seek. Imagine what it would feel like to live in a body you love, one that moves freely, expresses fully and grows with you through every season and life cycle. What would it feel like to work with the body you have, versus being at war with the one you think you should have? What if I told you that everything you need to feel fitter, stronger, more agile,
more mobile and just plain more, was already available to you, and that you
simply need a guiding hand to discover what works for you and tap into it?
I’m Raechel De Marchi, a Hybrid Artist and Movement Specialist. Having danced, performed and entertained for over two decades in a variety of art forms – jazz, tap, contemporary, singing, drama, hip-hop, salsa, samba, cabaret and more – it’s fair to say the joy of music and movement underpins the philosophy of everything I do. When you combine that experience with my decade as a Group Fitness
Instructor, Personal Trainer and Fitness Professional, it adds up to a Movement Specialist with a difference. I like to focus on functional movement – agility,
mobility, bodyweight, cardio, strength, stretching, and dance – paired with
energized, upbeat playlists that motivate.
I believe in empowering people to become their own advocates when it comes to their health and wellness, by supporting them in exploring and discovering what forms of movement feel good for them. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch, and help me to help you get your
groove back today.

My Certifications

Cert III & IV in Fitness First Aid and CPR Blue Card – working with children Advanced Diploma of Arts – UNE
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