Personal Training

As a mobile personal trainer we can come to you anywhere in the Greater Perth area with a program that really suits, motivates and encourages you to achieve your goals.

One on one sessions
Private group sessions (Save money sharing your sessions)
Personalised training programs

BOXING and HIIT Sessions
Group Classes


Enjoy a 45 minutes class combining boxing, HIIT, cardio and strength training. The session involves crunches, lunges, tricep dips, burpees, squats, planks, push-ups… and lots of punches!!!.

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Corporate Training

Benefits of Corporate training for your staff:

Reduce stress
Increase concentration
Increase energy level
Improve social atmosphere
Show you care about your staff


Our homes, offices, parks, beaches, etc. Anywhere is the best place to start achieving your goals.

Parks are a very fun and simple option. We meet several of our personal training clients outside their workplace on their lunch breaks or at the end of their day.

You might think that offices would be difficult but not so! For instance, We have found board and meeting rooms to be excellent spots for personal training sessions.

Home is a great great option for before or after work or for busy mums. Sometimes we have to be extra quiet not to wake a sleeping baby in the next room but that’s not a problem!