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When it comes to exercise, we believe running is a great way to lose weight and stay in shape. Learn how to run like a pro by signing up to our running classes today.

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World Class Running Classes or Beginners

Here at Your Place My Gym, we are dedicated to designing fitness programs tailored to our clients and their personal fitness levels and goals. With running classes suitable for beginners and advanced skill levels, our running class has something to suit everyone. Featuring quick sessions ran by qualified professionals, the option to train anywhere that best suits you and affordable rates, our running classes are the perfect choice for you.

Running is not only great for weight loss but also holds a tone of other benefits for your mental and physical health. The benefits of completing a running class regularly include improved cardiovascular health, enhanced joint health, boosts brain serotonin and so many more!

No matter your end fitness goal, our running classes can help you get there. Whether you want to lose weight, improve your overall fitness or find a way to relive some work stress, our running classes has something to suit you.

Book Running Classes Online

For more information about our entire range of running classes and other personal training services, get in touch today. Whether it be over the phone or online, we are here to help you. With qualified personal trainers who all share a love for helping clients become a healthier version of themselves, we guarantee you’ll get the support you need. Fall in love with cardio by signing up to our running classes today!