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G’day! My name is Patricia and I came to Australia all the way from Poland.

I completed my masters on Academy of Physical Education in Poznan, Poland and I’ve been in the fitness industry for more than 10 years. I’m extremally passionate about everything which is related with human body and its movement and functions.

I did my specialization in Corrective Gymnastic and Compensatory Exercises to make sure that I can implement that knowledge – postural defects prevention and rehabilitation, into my workouts. 

I went from running Physical Education classes in Primary and High School, into running PE for adults in the gym. During this journey, I discovered my passion for the “one on one” sessions where I can focus on improving my clients’ bodies and changing the way they think about them. Helping to achieve what they were always dreaming about, and finding that courage to push harder than they ever thought they would.

Outside the gym, I love soccer (I like to call it “the real football”, sorry Aussies!), horse riding and sunny days spent on the beach.

My favourite saying? Make muscles, not excuses! 😉 

My Certifications

  • Master of Physical Education; specialisation: corrective gymnastics and compensatory exercises – Academy of Physical Education (Poland)
  • Cert III and IV in Fitness – Steiner Training Academy  (London,UK)
  • WWC, First Aid & CPR qualifications